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The Moment

February 12, 2015

This is one of my flash fiction pieces (250 words) titled The Moment, from July of ’12 – hope you like it – not really for Valentine’s Day though.

After Kendra left, Jarod followed her outside, not realizing he was barefoot and it was snowing until he stepped off the stoop. Snowflakes twirled in the lamplight. Before meeting Kendra, he had never noticed such things. The way the light caught the downward spiraling snowflakes seemed magical. She had opened his eyes. At first he didn’t believe he had it in him, but she showed him he did. He just needed to slow down, be in the moment, she’d say.
It was just this heightened sense of things that sent him from a warm apartment into the snowy January evening.
“Wait,” he called out, the word sounding stark and desperate but truthful in the chilled air.
To his surprise she stopped, turned.
“Wait,” he said again, catching up to her. “Didn’t you forget something?”
She looked at his bare feet. “Didn’t you?”
“Yes, how much I need you.”
“No, you don’t.”
“You opened my eyes, my heart. I’m even noticing snowflakes in lamplight because of you.”
“Then my work is done. Time to move on.”
Jarod felt the cold just then.
“How do we do this? Get things right?”
“Well, we can try again in ten years when you’ve matured.” She started to walk away.
He was shivering from the cold. “Good, maybe the ice encasing your heart will have thawed by then.”
As he watched Kendra walking away, he knew he was perfecting this living the moment thing, with each breath, feeling every painful microsecond of it.

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